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Feel Relieved With Jeanne's Therapeutic Massage

Jeanne's Magical Touch is a leading provider of therapeutic massage therapy and cleansing body scrub services in Deltona, Florida. Jeanne takes pride in offering only the best massage techniques available. She believes serenity and repose are sedatives for happiness, and she will make sure you get your fill of both during your visit.

A Peaceful Environment

Visit a relaxing atmosphere with music that instantly creates a soothing ambiance. Jeanne pampers you with each massage on her comfortable padded table. As you are getting a massage, the sounds of the soft and peaceful music will help you connect with your inner beauty.

Relieve Aches and Pains

Jeanne will target areas of pain to reduce and eliminate your symptoms. She will ask questions and listen to you explain what you want before and during your massage. Achieve the results you want with her individualized massage therapy that targets any area on your body that feels painful to you.

Woman Having a Massage

Jeanne's Past Clients

Jeanne works with many patients who have experienced work-related injuries or recreational sports injuries. She also works with a large number of runners who suffer from back pain and stiffness. Each of her clients has experienced an increased range of motion and a reduction of symptoms, no matter what they visited for.

Massage Therapy

Jeanne uses a variety of massage and stretching techniques. Her massages can eliminate tightness in muscles, reduce shoulder pain, and relieve the tension of stiff necks. She offers a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and a sports massage for your relaxation, for a reasonable rate of $80.00 per hour. ***Now offering cupping!!*** (cupping increases blood flow to the area to promote healing and draws out toxins.)  Also offering four hand and couples massage.

Body Scrubs

Experience a whole body cleanse unlike any other with seaweed or clay body wraps and exfoliating body scrubs. Detoxify your body and eliminate dead skin cells to reveal your fresh and glowing skin. Feel refreshed with brighter skin for $95.00 per body wrap and $50.00 per body scrub or $120 per body scrub plus 1-hour massage.

Schedule Your Session

Jeanne cares about your comfort and well-being and will tailor each massage to suit your preferences. She is available every day of the week to provide massage therapy in intervals of 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute sessions. You can contact her through text message and receive a quick reply to your questions or concerns.